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From: Brad Goodman
Subject: Family of Four - Chapter 2Legal Notice:
The following story may contain descriptions of graphic sexual acts. These
acts teen loli pics com may be between boys or between a man and a boy.The author, or his designee, retains copyright to this story. There may be
no reproducing or distribution of this story without expressed written
consent.Positive emails and feed back may be sent to bradgoodman30hotmail.com ******************************************************
I appreciate the feed back from the first chapter and it prompted me to go
ahead and release chapter 2. I have about 8 chapters complete bringing us
to the present and if responses are positive I will continue to update
regularly.Family of Four By: Brad Goodman
Chapter 1 Copyright August 2002 When we were at the restaurant both boys were silent. Finally Jacob asked
"Could I call you Dad for now on?" I was shocked. He had never asked that
before. He new I was his brother, and that we had no parents, but he had
never asked anything like this. "Why do you want to call me Dad?" "I know
your my brother, but you act like my Dad." "I have to take care of you and
raise you so I have nn lolita model girls to act like your Dad." He looked scared. "I like that
you act like my dad, you are my dad, I just want to call you Dad too." My
heart filled with a pride and love like never before. I was so happy he
wanted to call me that, because I always thought of myself as his dad, not
his brother. "Yes, you can call me Dad, for now on." He leaped into my
arms and gave me the biggest hug and kiss his little lolitas rasuradas hentai key seven year old frame
could muster. I noticed Nick was silent and that his eyes had begun to
glaze over. "Are you okay Nick?" Jacob went to him poked him in the side
and said "Go on and ask him." Nick looked at me with the eyes of a child
about to burst into tears. "I want to call you Dad, too." We had been
spending so much time together over the past three years, that I had thought
of him as my other son. "You can if that is what you want." Instantly a
huge smile over took his face and his sparkling white teeth gleamed under
the florescent light. He ran around our table jumped in my lap and gave me
a hug and a kiss like he had never done before. "I love you Dad." I was
shocked. We had never said the "L" word to each other before. I
immediately replied "I love you too, son." We finished eating and my two
boys and I went home. For the next four years Nick lived with Jacob and me. Tanya at first spent
five nights a week with us and it tapered off over those four years to one
to two times a week. I had gotten two promotions at my company and was now
earning a whopping $75,000 a year. I began to look for a new bigger and
better house for me and the boys. It was time we moved to a really nice
neighborhood. It must of been fate or something because Nick and Jacob came
home one day and said they saw the house they wanted to live at when they
were on their way home from school. They insisted there was a for sale sign
in the yard and that we needed to go look at it right now. I caved into
their desires (I always gave in to them) and we piled into our new
convertible mustang and put the top down. (I always wanted one and bought
it real cheap for about $24,000. By the way I still had the explorer, why
not it was paid for.) They pointed the way and I drove. I did not pay any
attention as to where we were going and then Jacob yelled "There it is,
stop!" My mouth fell open and I sat there awestruck. It was the house I
grew up in. There is no way Jacob could remember it, but I sure did. The
boys were waiting for my reaction and for me to say something, but I was
speechless. In a flash all the emotions I had ever felt about my mother and
father flooded me. I began to cry. The boys were scared. "What's wrong
Dad?" they said in unison. I looked in there little 11 year old faces and
said "Nothing." "I think it is perfect for us." They both squealed with
delight. We had a group hug in the car for about five minutes. It must
have seemed a little odd to all the neighbors. My mind was racing on the
way back home, but I kept thinking it would be fitting for me to return to
my childhood home. What a better place than that to right the wrongs of the
past. When we got back to the house I called the real estate agent and made
an offer on the house. She asked if I wanted to tour it first, and I told
her it was not necessary. Several days later the phone rang. I was expecting the agent, but it was
Tanya. I was surprised. I realized as I talked with her that I hadn't seen
or heard from her in about two-weeks. I then realized that Nick hadn't even
noticed or mentioned it to me either. Tanya said she and I needed to talk
because she had something very important to tell me. We set a time to meet
at a local diner later that day. My mind began to wonder through what she
was going to say. I had a feeling of dread come over me. Was she going to
take Nick away from me? Maybe she was getting married, or maybe she was
going to move to another city or state, or maybe she would want Nick to live
with her for now on. I was very scared. I began to realize I loved him so
much, and lolitas 12 years models that I could not bare to have him leave. He was my son. I then
thought about Jake. He would be crushed. That would hurt me just as much
as losing Nick. They were both becoming incredible young men. Jacob was
about five feet tall now and Nick had surpassed him about a year ago and was
5 feet 1 inch tall. They were stark contrasts in appearance. Jake had a
medium dark complexion which left people guessing if he was just a dark
white boy or if he was Hispanic. His dark brown hair had blond highlights
(which he had to get about a year ago or as he said he was going to be a
loser) and his build was very slender. He was really skinny actually. Nick
on the other hand was a pale white boy. He had white/blond hair and had a
lean but muscular build for an eleven-year-old. His face and hair looked a
lot like Nick Carter's, it was almost uncanny. They did however share many
traits. Both of them were polite, thoughtful, and considerate of others.
They both loved to hug and kiss people, and loved to receive them even more.
They both loved to play sports and do outdoor activities. Both of them
were avid swimmers and loved to go to the pool. And they both told me that
their favorite thing to do was watching wrestling on Mondays and Thursdays,
and wrestling each other and me during the show. (They liked it when I let
them win sometimes, but they loved it when I flipped them in the air and
body slammed them on the couch cushions.) I could not bare to lose one of
them. That evening I met Tanya at the diner with my stomach in knots and my mind
fearing the worse possible scenarios. We ordered a couple of diet cokes,
and just sat there sipping them in silence for about ten minutes. I could
not take it any more and said "You have something important to tell me?"
She nodded. I waited for what seemed to be an eternity, but was in
actuality probably about 1 minute and blurted out "Are you going to tell
me?" Her mouth opened but nothing came out and she nodded again. Tanya
took a big gulp of her diet coke and said "I never put a father on Nick's
birth certificate." "I had them leave it blank so I could put the person I
wanted to be his father on it someday." "I want to have your name put
there." I was stunned. What was she saying. Did she want us to get
married or did she just want me to pay child support or did she want me to
take Nick permanently. I said nothing but my mind was racing. She then
said "I have a brain tumor and the doctor told me six months ago I had six
months to live." My heart skipped a beat. "What! But you real lola nude preteens look fine?" "I
have opted not to get chemo or any other treatment because the doctors told
me from the beginning it was terminal." Before I could say anything else
she said "Will you be Nick's father?" "He loves you very much, more than
you probably know, and he already calls you Dad." I mumbled out "yes." "I
would be honored." She got up and said "I was sure you would say yes so I
went to Austin this week and had you added as his father." "I will call you
tomorrow." She walked out of the diner as quickly as she could. I could
not move or speak. My body was paralyzed by the news. I wanted to chase
after her and talk some more. I had a thousand questions and a million
emotions overwhelming me. I sipped my diet coke for about 30 minutes and
finally regained control of my body. I went home and when I got in I saw
Jake and Nick on the floor watching TV. I sat on the couch turned the TV
off and said "Come here, I need to talk to you two." They looked scared
like they had done something wrong. "You're not in trouble." They came and
sat with one on each side of me. I was speechless again and just grabbed
the boys into a big bear hug. I kissed them both and held them tighter than
I had ever done before. Just then the phone rang. I rushed over to it
expecting to her Tanya's voice, and when I picked it up the voice on the
other end said loudly "Congratulations, they have accepted your offer."
After setting up a meeting for the following Monday afternoon to finalize
the paperwork I turned to the boys and said "We got the house." They both
smiled their big beautiful smiles and ran and jumped into my arms. The next day I still had not said anything to the boys. We went to church
and out to lunch afterwards. When I got home there was a message on the
machine. The first message was Tanya. All it said was "I love all you guys
very much and will miss you." The next message was from the police. In
fact the next three messages were from the police. I called the number the
officer left. What did they want? The officer answered and I told him who
I was. He paused for a minute and then said "What was your relationship to
Tanya Sanders?" "She is the mother of my son." "Mr. Woods, Ms. Sanders is
dead. She shot herself this morning at 9:00 am." I felt a sharp pain run
down my side and up my back. I could not believe my ears. The officer and
I talked lolita nude hq nymph
and I made arrangements to go and identify the body. After preteen lolitas cp models
I hung
up the phone I sat in the kitchen crying for about 20 minutes. I stopped
when Nick came in. "What's wrong, Dad?" I put my arms out and Nick stepped
into them. "Nick, I love you very lolitas rasuradas hentai key much and will never leave you, I just
want you to know that." He smiled and returned my embrace. "Nick I have to
tell you top lolita model sites something very sad and I want you to know it is okay to cry."
"What is it?" he said. "Your mother passed away this morning." His little
pale blue eyes began to swell with tears. "Cancer?" he said. I nodded. He
burst into tears. How did he know? So I asked "How did you know?" "My mom
told me a couple of weeks ago and told me not to tell you." I did not have
the heart to tell him the truth, but in a way the cancer did kill her. I
held him as he sobbed for about an hour. I took him and Jake to our next
door neighbor's house and went to identify the body. On my way home I
stopped by her apartment to gather their things and bring them to the house.
When I got home I picked up Nick and Jake from the neighbor's house. That
night both boys insisted on sleeping in my bed. The next few weeks were difficult. We had lolita nude hq nymph a funeral and had to prepare
to move all at once. I was stressed out and the boys were on the edge. I
decided to take off the Friday the week after the funeral and the day before
our move. The boys stayed home from school and we packed up the last few
things we could not live without (mostly videos, CDs, and toys). That
weekend was hectic. I hired movers to move most of our stuff and luckily we
just had to unpack. There was a lot of new furniture being delivered,
because we had spent a day buying new furniture for all of our new rooms.
We used the boys and my old furniture to decorate the guest rooms and got
all new stuff for ourselves. The next week was a blur, nn lolita model girls but I returned to
work and the boys returned to school. They insisted on sleeping with me
every night that week. I was afraid I was spoiling them or just doing
something weird, but after Tanya's death and the move I justified it as just
temporary until the boys get settled again. On the weekends, I usually let
the boys stay up as late as they want watching TV and videos, or playing
Nintendo. They both stayed up late on Friday playing games and ended up
sleeping in the living room. On Saturday morning when I got up I found both
boys in the middle of the living room floor under a blanket. They looked
like angels lying there so quietly. As I made my way to the kitchen I
noticed two piles of clothes, with two little pairs of underpants in them.
I paused, took notice and turned back to the boys. I walked over to them
lifted the blanket and got an eyeful of Jacob's ass and Nick's penis.
Nick's penis was hard as a rock and the circumcised head was pressed against
Jacob's cheeks. I put the cover down and walked into the kitchen to get a
cup of coffee. As I was sitting there I realized I was hard too. I had
seen Nick and Jacob naked in the bath tub and just about everywhere else
many times before but never had this reaction. I guess I did realize I was
attracted to them but never really let it penetrate my conscious mind
before.After the boys woke, they got up and walked into the kitchen stark naked.
This was not unusual for these two, but this time I found myself staring at
Nick's soft penis and Jake's uncircumcised penis intensely. They both got
glasses of orange juice then went into the living nn lolita model girls
room to put there
underwear on. They sat down at the table with me and in unison said "What's
wrong?" I just blurted tiny nude lolita pics out, "Are you boys touching each other?" They
looked at me funny. "I mean do you touch each others penises?" They looked
at each other and then Nick said "Sometimes." Jacob joined in "We are both
boys so it is okay!" Nick followed with "It is okay, right?" What was I to
say. I decided that they were probably right. "Yeah, it's okay." "If
either of you have any questions about it, you can ask me?" We had talked
about sex several times and they were told about where babies come from when
they were seven, so the next question shocked me. Nick said "A couple of
weeks ago this stuff started to come out when Jake touched my dick, is that
cum?" "Yes" I said. "It is normal for that to happen." I was getting hard
again. Jake said "I haven't started to do it yet, is that okay?" "It is
okay too." "Some boys start earlier than others, but you will soon." I
found myself wanting to know more about their sexual experimentation. "Tell
me what you boys do?" Nick started "Sometimes we just rub each lolitas rasuradas hentai key
dicks with our hands, and sometimes we rub our dicks together." Jake
quickly added "and sometimes we suck them." I was shocked by their
openness, and at the same time I was as hard as I have ever been. I looked
at their underpants and noticed both of sexy lolita movie gallery
their cocks were pointing up as we
talked. "You boys ask me if you want to know more, but I would not tell
others about this." They both said they would never tell anyone because the
guys at school would call them queer and beat them up.To be continued.......
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